TangSooDo Pro App Reviews

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Tang Soo

Good app. Glad it was updated to work on IOS11.

Please UPDATE!

It’s a great app. I bought the Pro Version. And now it doesn’t work. A great app that needs to be updated for the new iOS. Please update this!

When is update of OS 11 going to be released.?

Paid $4.99 for this app and now I can’t use it because it isn’t compatible with OS 11!

Up date

Needs to be up dated ASAP can not use iso 11 iphone etc

App won't install on iPhone or iPad

App takes my money and installs, but will not run on the iPad or iPhone6. All that appears is the splash screen. Please work on a fix.

Won't open in 8.1

I bought this app with high hopes,it simply won't open in 8.1. I'll write another review once this is fixed,fair and unbiased.... Tang Soo!

Not working

This app doesn't support the last iOS for iPhones. Please get it working. Thanks!

Iphone 6

App needs support for new iOS and iPhone 6, it currently doesn't work on new hardware!

Ok... But...

It's a quick way to review hyungs on the go, but every TSD school will have some variation. Kind of disturbing though to see a black belt perform techniques with little power and no use of hips.

I like it

I use as a reference for practice I like that i can see the forms and learn the korean terms would love it taught more weapons forms.

Very good app

Very good app great reference And reminder

For what it is, good reference

Good terminology , quick reference, however all school have slight variations and that should be taken into consideration. Although to me the forms lack precision in many important executions it is cool to have this on my phone! Thanks for the hard work. Why is the camera crooked????

Good memory aid for Tang Soo Do

I have used this app to help me keep the steps in the forms straight. This is needed if you cannot practice the forms more than once a week or if you get things mixed up and you don't want to practice the wrong move at home. However, I would never recommend trying to learn a form or even a missed step from this app.

Not bad!

Considering that there are only 3 apps like this to choose from, this is not bad! As a beginner the terminology helps . And forms are good to practice with. I only wish there was pronunciation for the terms... Audio!!!


I agree with the 1st reviewer

Good for form pattern refresher only....

The techniques aren't so proper in the videos. Stances are short and back leg is bent. When doing the geicho forms there are extra steps when doing a turn. Ect..... Does not teach proper technique just pattern. Terminology is great......

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