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TangSooDo Pro

4.6 ( 1696 ratings )
Forme et santé Éducation
Développeur Tony Cabrera
4.99 USD

Check out this new app for Tang Soo Do students. What is different? Video. How many times do you need a quick reminder of the forms, weapons and terminology? Here is your pocket reference... Video of 14 forms, video of 5 weapon forms, and English to Korean translation of Tang Soo Do terms.

Form (Hyung) Names:

Kee Cho Hyung Il Boo
Kee Cho Hyung Ee Boo
Kee Cho Hyung Sam Boo
Pyung Ahn Cho Dan
Pyung Ahn Ee Dan
Pyung Ahn Sam Dan
Pyung Ahn Sa Dan
Pyung Ahn O Dan
Bassai So
Nai Han Ji Cho Dan
Nai Han Ji Ee Dan
Nai Han Ji Sam Dan
Sip Soo

Weapon Form Names:

Ki Cho Bong Hyung ILL Bu (Staff Form)
Bong Hyung ILL BU (Staff Form)
Bong Hyung E Bu (Staff Form)
Ki Cho Jang Gum Hyung (Sword Form)
Dan Gum Hyung (Knife Form)